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Pick a Practice with a Perfect Dentist in Arlington Heights

March 26, 2018

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woman dental visitIf you’re on the market for choosing a dental practice in your area, you’ll quickly find that looking for a dentist in Arlington Heights isn’t the easiest tasks. After realizing that your child needs a dentist that can handle pediatric care, a specialist for your partner’s unfortunate gum disease, and a dentist that understands orthodontist for your teen’s smile, you’ll start to anticipate being pulled in all different directions for your family’s dental care.

Thankfully, when you visit a practice that has the specialists and a cosmetic dentist in Arlington Heights all in one roof, you can make one visit for everyone you love! Learn more about why it’s best to visit a dental practice that takes pride in being a “one stop shop” for your dental care in this week’s blog post.


Dentist in Arlington Heights – Handling A Failing Dental Implant

January 12, 2018

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gapped teeth with dental implantAfter years of being denied the quality of life that you deserve, you finally made the decision to have dental implants surgically inserted. One of the most attractive things about this procedure is the fact that the implants are screwed into your jawbone, which is the best option you’ve discovered thus far for a solid and dependable structure. But you’re disappointed to notice that one of your implants feels loose. Thankfully, your restorative dentist in Arlington Heights has some advice about what you should do.


Cosmetic Dentist in Arlington Heights Crafts Award-Winning Smiles

December 5, 2017

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pretty woman smiling pink lipstickSociologists note that at the turn of the 20th Century, the world moved from what was previously the Culture of Character to the Culture of Personality. In this new phase, there would be more emphasis placed on the significance of physical appearance. Supporting that shift, studies show that the condition of your teeth play a major role in how others perceive you, as people with straight teeth are 45% more likely to get a job than people with crooked teeth. Therefore, your cosmetic dentist in Arlington Heights has information on how dental aesthetics can help you achieve the look and success you desire.


With Invisalign in Arlington Heights, You Can be Healthier and Happier

October 17, 2017

Young man wearing clear braces.Want to look more attractive? Then have your teeth straightened… But you probably already knew that a well-aligned smile looks better than a crooked one. Did you also know that a straight smile would make you look smarter, more successful and more popular? It’s true. There are studies to prove it! If you’re ready to improve your appearance, your oral health and your outlook on life, then consider Invisalign in Arlington Heights.


The Truth About Wisdom Teeth — Should They Really Be Removed?

September 9, 2017

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extracted toothWisdom teeth got their name because they tend to show up later in life — when a person is older and supposedly “wiser.” However, despite having a cool name, these third molars have been a major cause of oral health problems for countless individuals. Other people, however, keep their wisdom teeth for their entire life without experiencing any issues. If your wisdom teeth aren’t giving you any trouble, do you really need to get them removed? Your dentist in Arlington Heights offers a professional opinion.


Can Your Smile Boost Confidence? Your Dentist in Arlington Heights Comments

August 11, 2017

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Man sharing a beautiful smile.You’ve been waiting for that promotion for months when you find out that it just went to your co-worker. It was explained to you that the only difference between you and her is that she seems more approachable and friendly. This could be because you tend to hide your smile since your teeth are discolored and overlap slightly. Could your smile really have held you back from a promotion at your job? It seems the answer is – yes. It’s time to learn how your dentist in Arlington Heights can help.


What is the Difference Between a Dentist and a Cosmetic Dentist?

July 31, 2017

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Hand touching a question markAfter spending a few extra minutes in the mirror this morning, you’ve decided that your smile needs a bit of a touch-up. Your teeth are looking more yellow than white these days, and you’ve always wished they were a little straighter. Obviously, you need to go to a dentist, but after searching the internet, you start seeing a new term: cosmetic dentist. How is this different from a general dentist? Is this the kind of doctor you should visit when it comes to your smile’s appearance? Today, we’ll tell you why a cosmetic dentist is exactly who you need to see when it comes to making your smile more beautiful. (more…)

Your Dentist in Arlington Heights Congratulates Evan Saldon!

June 20, 2017

Filed under: Uncategorized — costellodental @ 6:12 pm

Your dentist in Arlington Heights awarded $1,000 to a scholarship winner. If there’s one thing that our dental office strives for, it’s excellence! That goes for any aspect of life—dental care, education, and even the awesome young members of our community that will be shaping our future soon after graduating high school. That’s why our Arlington dentist wants to use this article to recognize Evan Saldon, our 2017 scholarship award winner!


Bright Graduation Smile With Porcelain Veneers In Arlington Heights

May 14, 2017

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Porcelain veneers in Arlington Heights from Costello Dental Excellence can help you beam with pride on your graduation. You’ve worked diligently to graduate – the long hours of studying and writing papers after the 8-hour days at your full-time job have been grueling, but worth it. You’ve developed quite the coffee habit to make it through and when you smile in anticipation of your upcoming big day, you feel self-conscious. Not only do you see the noticeable discoloration from all the espresso, you can’t help but see the chips and the gap in the front. You’ve worked so hard for this accomplishment, and you deserve to have a grin that accurately reflects the successful person you are. And, with porcelain veneers in Arlington Heights from the team at Costello Dental Excellence, you can achieve the perfect teeth that are worthy of you.


Your Dentist In Arlington Heights Gives Back To The Community

April 10, 2017

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What dentist in Arlington Heights provides patient appreciation? Costello Dental Excellence does!You sincerely appreciate your dentist in Arlington Heights – they keep your smile bright and healthy after all. But wouldn’t it be nice to work with a team of oral health professionals who value and are grateful for their patients in the same way? If you’re looking for a practice that gives back to their surrounding community, you’ll find that Costello Dental Excellence has the compassionate approach to care that you want. Learn more about the team and their upcoming Patient Appreciation Party in this post.



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