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Bright, Beautiful Smiles You're Proud to Share

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One of the first things other people notice about you is your smile, but if it’s not as white as you’d like, you might feel self-conscious about showing it off. And while teeth whitening is a fantastic way to get the bright smile you want, not all treatments are created equal. At Costello & DeHart Dental Excellence, our experienced dentists provide professional teeth whitening in Arlington Heights that give you outstanding results the first time. If you’d like to brighten your smile, don’t hesitate to contact our dental office - we’d love to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted!

Why Choose Costello & DeHart Dental Excellence for Teeth Whitening?

  • In-Office & Take-Home Whitening Provided
  • We Use Only Professional-Grade Bleaching Gel
  • Dental Team That Focuses on Patient Comfort

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

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The strength of over-the-counter products is limited by the FDA, so they can’t provide the same results you’ll get in our dental office. In fact, many of our patients come in for a whitening treatment after first trying a store-bought option without success.

The professional treatment we offer is strong enough to give you great results but is also safe as well. Since we’ll start by evaluating your teeth beforehand, you can be certain that we’re recommending the absolute best procedure for your needs.

For example, if you have stains that don’t respond well to whitening, we’ll recommend an alternative that’s better suited for your smile. We’ll always make sure you don’t invest in something that doesn’t work beautifully the first time!

How Does GLO Teeth Whitening Work?

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At Costello & DeHart Dental Excellence, we use trusted GLO teeth whitening treatments that provide our patients with brighter smiles without any pain or discomfort. For your convenience, we provide both in-office and take-home treatments, so you don’t have to worry about working around our schedule. Although, we do offer family-friendly evening and weekend hours!

In-Office GLO Treatment

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Using a specialized whitening process, our team of dental professionals will be able to brighten and beautify your smile in as little as an hour. GLO teeth whitening treatment uses heated light to break apart stains and discoloration caused by genetics, bad oral habits, and eating stain-causing foods like tomato-based sauces. Unlike other whitening treatments, GLO doesn’t cause any tooth sensitivity or discomfort.

Take-Home GLO Kits

Woman using take home teeth whitening kit

If you’d like to break up dental stains in the comfort of your own home or touch up your in-office results, we also offer a take-home kit. This treatment uses patented GLO heat and light technology in combination with a 10 percent hydrogen peroxide whitening gel to provide you with fast results. After applying the gel directly to your teeth, you’ll insert the mouthpiece, which will gently warm the gel to its optimal temperature for faster results.

Maintaining Your Bright Smile

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As a dentist in Arlington Heights, teeth whitening is one of our most popular procedures. And since we know that our patients want long-lasting results, we always include tips for keeping your bright new smile looking great, including:

  • Making your oral hygiene habits a priority by consistently brushing 2-3 times a day and flossing once. The cleaner your teeth and gums are, the better your smile will look.
  • Using an electric toothbrush and whitening toothpaste is a great combination for removing surface stains each day.
  • Limiting teeth-staining foods and beverages like coffee, tea, berries, and red wine. When you do consume them, rinse your mouth out with water several times to rinse away any pigments left behind.
  • Don’t forget about regular checkups and cleanings, which remove unsightly tartar buildup and also include a professional polish.

With GLO teeth whitening, it’s never been easier to brighten your smile. Professional treatment offers a variety of unique benefits and is a trusted way to achieve the exquisite results you’re hoping for. To learn more about our treatment, be sure to schedule a consultation with us today!

Understanding the Cost of Teeth Whitening

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You want to enhance the look of your smile, and you and your dentist have decided that teeth whitening is the best way to achieve your desired results. Your investment will leave you feeling more confident in your appearance, but just how much can you expect to pay for a brighter smile? The cost of teeth whitening varies between patients, which is why a scheduled consultation is imperative. Keep reading to learn which factors are considered when drafting a complete estimate so that you can better prepare for the financial component that comes with teeth whitening.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Teeth Whitening

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The cost of teeth whitening is largely determined by the following factors:

  • Preparatory Treatment – Do you need gum disease treatment or another form of restorative care before receiving teeth whitening?
  • Severity of Stains – Are your stains on the surface or deep down beneath the enamel?
  • In-Office or Take-Home – Do you prefer to have our team address your tooth stains with in-office treatment or do you want to take care of brightening your teeth at home?

Types of Teeth Whitening: What Do They Cost?

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Teeth whitening comes in various forms – gels, strips, trays, in-office care – and includes its own sticker price. At Costello & DeHart Dental Excellence, we are pleased to provide both in-office and take-home whitening solutions for our patients. However, we want to share a brief breakdown of what kind of cost you might be looking at when it comes to teeth whitening of all kinds:

  • In-Office: The average is $400-500; however, it can go higher (up to $1,000) depending on how severe the stains are and how many treatments a patient might need.
  • At-Home: It’s not uncommon to spend between $200-300 for take-home whitening that is provided by a trusted dentist.
  • Store-Bought Trays: The typical cost for store-bought, one-size-fits-all trays is around $100.
  • Whitening Strips, Gels: A person won’t need to spend more than $20-30 for whitening gels or strips found at a local drugstore.

Fast Teeth Whitening VS Inexpensive Teeth Whitening

Woman using take home teeth whitening kit

While the price tags of store-bought products look enticing, you need to rethink your decision before running to your local drugstore. These solutions might seem “good enough,” but you get what you pay for, which is lackluster results. Not only do they tend to cause tooth sensitivity, but they also lead individuals to pay more for additional whitening products because stains and discoloration are not fully removed.

With professional teeth whitening, whether performed in-office or with take-home trays, you can trust that your dentist is using the highest-grade bleaching gel available so that your stains are eliminated. Designed to treat more than just those found on the surface, the whitening agent penetrates the top layer of teeth to address stains that are deep down and often hard to remove when using other, less reliable products.

Options for Making Teeth Whitening Affordable

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While it is no secret that most dental insurance companies are unlikely to pay for teeth whitening treatment, there is a solution you can count on to help lower your out-of-pocket expenses – our In-Office Membership Plan.

If you want to pursue teeth whitening, you can receive a discounted price when choosing to pay in full on the day of your treatment.

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Am I a Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

If you are insecure about your smile due to staining and discoloration, teeth whitening is likely a good option for you. The best way to find out for sure if you should get teeth whitening is by scheduling a consultation with us. During this appointment, we can conduct a thorough dental exam and learn about the goals you have for your smile. If your teeth and gums are in good health, we can begin working on a custom treatment plan just for you. If you have any dental health issues, like gum disease or a cavity, these will need to be treated first.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Treatment Take?

This depends on the type of teeth whitening treatment you get. An in-office whitening treatment can whiten your smile multiple shades in a single visit! Take-home options can gradually whiten your teeth over the course of a couple of weeks. For patients with more severe discoloration, additional treatments may be necessary to achieve the final goal. If you want your smile brightened up by a certain time, let us know so we can do our best to accommodate that.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

You only have one smile, so there is no room for error when it comes to cosmetic treatments. Fortunately, professional teeth whitening is extremely safe! In addition to being administered by a licensed professional, your treatment is customized to meet your needs. This way, you can achieve the bright, white results you’re looking for without damaging your smile.

Is Professional Teeth Whitening Worth the Cost?

According to the numerous patients who have safely and quickly said goodbye to stubborn stains and discoloration, the answer is yes! Professional teeth whitening comes with all sorts of valuable benefits, including effective whitening agents, non-invasive treatment, and decreased likelihood of sensitivity. Research has even shown that people who have whiter teeth are viewed as younger and make better first impressions. Having a smile that you feel confident about is priceless!