Replace Missing Teeth Arlington Heights

Complete Smiles Are Now Possible

Man and woman smiling in their front yard after replacing missing teeth in Arlington Heights

At Costello & DeHart Dental Excellence, you can expect that our team of highly qualified dentists will go the extra mile to deliver effective solutions that are designed to restore and rebuild incomplete smiles. Using dental bridges, dentures, and dental implants, we can fill in gaps and improve oral function, and our full-mouth reconstruction service allows us to streamline the process of addressing multiple dental problems. If you are interested in learning more about the options we provide for replacing missing teeth in Arlington Heights, call our dental office today.

Why Choose Costello & DeHart Dental Excellence for Replacing Missing Teeth?

  • In-House Dental Implant Placement & Restoration
  • Two Qualified Dentists with Advanced Training & Experience
  • CBCT Scans for Enhanced Imaging & Treatment Planning

Dental Bridges

Illustrated dental bridge replacing a missing tooth

Dental bridges are designed to restore one or more fully missing teeth in a row. When having a new dental bridge placed, it’s required that healthy teeth remain on either side of the gap. Our team will place dental crowns to serve as “anchors” that keep the bridge securely in place. Many patients prefer the sturdy fit of fixed bridges compared to the relative looseness of traditional dentures; implant prosthetics are also available for an even more lifelike fit.

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Dentist holding a set of full dentures

Dentures are removable appliances that are designed to restore several teeth at once, whether on the same arch or spread over the entire mouth. At Costello & DeHart Dental Excellence, we offer both partial and full models, depending on your needs. The traditional options are removable, allowing patients to store them separately at night and practice hygiene more easily. If you’re looking for a more permanent option regarding your tooth loss, talk to our doctors and staff members about the possibility of upgrading to implant dentures!

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Dental Implants

Illustrated dental implant replacing a missing tooth

Whether you’re missing one tooth or an entire arch, dental implants are a versatile treatment option for patients suffering from tooth loss. More permanent than dentures and dental bridges, they can last 30+ years because of the way implants are placed within the jawbone. Made of titanium, they fuse with the surrounding bone tissues to create a solid foundation that supports a crown, bridge, or denture depending on how many teeth you need to have replaced.

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Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Close up of man with short beard smiling

When teeth are missing, decayed, and damaged, one or two services may not be enough to improve the function and aesthetics of your smile. This is where full-mouth reconstruction comes in. Combining multiple dental services into one cohesive plan, we can streamline the process of rebuilding and restoring your smile so that it feels, works, and looks brand-new.