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Our Arlington Heights dental team is always looking for ways to improve the quality of your care, whether through continuing education courses or the addition of state-of-the-art, advanced dental services and technology in our Arlington Heights, IL, dental office. Dr. Ernie Costello and Dr. Jay DeHart offer specialty services alongside a wide variety of general, restorative, and cosmetic options, so every member of your family can receive the personalized attention they need here in one convenient location.

CEREC One-Visit Dental Crowns

Dentist holding ceramic block in same day dental crown machine

Having a new crown or another type of restoration placed is crucial for patients with damaged/decayed teeth, but the messy impressions, uncomfortable temporary replacements, and multiple appointments required can all be frustrating. At Costello & DeHart Dental Excellence, we’re happy to transform this process for the better with the help of new, state-of-the-art technology: CEREC. With CEREC, our doctors can take patients through the entire restoration process – from preparation to impressions to final placement – all in one convenient appointment, with no waiting necessary. In fact, you can watch the milling unit craft your new, permanent restoration with incredible precision, followed by our team making any necessary adjustments to ensure the ideal fit of your same-day dental crown. We look forward to exceeding your expectations at our cutting-edge dental office!

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Intraoral Camera

Gloved hands holding a thin white intraoral camera

When it comes to learning more about your oral health, attempting to visualize what it is your dentist sees can seem impossible, even with a thorough explanation. Fortunately, with the help of intraoral cameras, we can eliminate the mystery and instead make it possible for you to view the details of your mouth in real-time. With this handheld device, one of our team members can scan your teeth and gums, projecting the images onto a chairside monitor for easy viewing. Not only does it make it easier for our team to view even the smallest areas of decay, but it also makes patient education easier than ever before.

iTero Digital Dental Impression Scanner

Dentist pointing to monitor with digital impressions of teeth

Unlike cold dental putty, which often causes patients to gag or cringe when requiring dental restorations, our iTero digital impression scanner offers a more comfortable approach. Taking scans of your teeth, gums, and bite, a three-dimensional model forms on a nearby monitor, allowing for a more precise and accurate impression. With the ability to make necessary adjustments in less time, our team can quickly send off the image to a dental lab, where technicians can begin to craft your restoration.


C B C T scanning machine

When complex procedures require in-depth treatment planning and precision, we use our DEXIS OP3D CBCT scanner. Complete with a rotating arm that takes hundreds of images in just seconds, our dentists can easily review the detailed 3D image of your teeth, gums, bones, nerves, blood vessels, head, neck, and other intricate structures. As a result, we can ensure greater success and results when placing dental implants or preparing for a root canal or tooth extraction.


Pen like scanner device

Costello & DeHart Dental Excellence in Arlington Heights can help prevent the need for complex care to ensure all problems are solved with the most conservative approach possible. Highly accurate and safe, the DEXIS CariVu caries detection device allows us to see cavities and cracks in your tooth earlier than ever. It works by bathing the tooth in a near-infrared light, under which spots of decay and weak areas show up as dark areas. It looks something like a traditional X-ray without the fear of radiation, and it helps us determine if your tooth needs immediate treatment or if the issue is something we can monitor and heal. We can reduce the danger of radiation exposure with the DEXIS CariVu while achieving an accurate, advanced look into your dental health.