Root Canal Treatment Arlington Heights

Stop Your Pain and Save Your Tooth

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Is a problematic tooth keeping you awake at night? Your persistent pain might be the result of an infection deep within your tooth. We can give you the relief you need and save your smile with root canal treatment in Arlington Heights. Although they have a bad reputation for being painful, many patients say they aren’t any worse than a traditional filling because of innovations in dentistry. We’ll rehabilitate your tooth using the latest materials and techniques to invest in a healthy smile that lasts, so don’t delay. Instead, call us today.

Why Choose Costello & DeHart Dental Excellence for Root Canal Treatment?

  • Same-Day Emergency Treatment Available
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  • Our Team Will File Your Dental Insurance Claims

Benefits of Saving a Tooth

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Your teeth are designed to last for a lifetime, but even with the best care, a tooth can be damaged, such as from decay. If the cavity isn’t treated, it can reach the inner layer of your tooth, called the pulp. If cavity-causing bacteria reaches the soft tissue, it will lead to a toothache.

Extracting the tooth eliminates the problem at the source; however, it leads to a new list of complications. In fact, losing a single tooth can increase your risk of cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay. Not to mention, you’ll always need a dental prosthetic to fill the space. A root canal is a simple solution to stop the issues associated with a missing tooth.

Signs You Need a Root Canal

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Root canal treatment is one of the most widely used restorative dentistry services, but it’s only recommended when there aren’t any other options to prevent tooth extraction. Although you can’t always predict when you’ll need one, here are some obvious signs a root canal might be in your future:

  • Persistent toothache
  • Darkening of a tooth
  • Lingering tooth sensitivity
  • Pimple-like bump near a tooth

The Root Canal Process

Illustrated dental instrument treating inside of tooth during root canal

Our office uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver exceptional results while keeping your comfort in mind. In fact, we can streamline the process to perform the entire procedure in just one day.

We’ll use a local anesthetic to ensure your comfort as your dentist uses special dental tools to open the crown of the tooth to remove any areas of decay. The inner layer is removed, and your tooth is thoroughly sterilized before being sealed with a special material called gutta-percha.

Now, the integrity and health of your tooth have been restored, so it’s time to focus on its appearance and protecting it from future damage. You’ll need a dental crown, which is a custom-made cap placed over the entire visible surface of a tooth down to the gumline.

Typically, it takes 2 appointments to place a crown, but our offices use CEREC technology, allowing you to get an all-ceramic restoration in just one day. There’s no need for a temporary crown or a second visit.

It’s normal for your tooth to be a bit tender for a few days, but you can manage any discomfort using an over-the-counter pain reliever. It’s also best to avoid chewing with your tooth for a few days until your pain subsides.

Save Your Tooth Today

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If you have a tooth giving you grief, don’t have it removed. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation for a root canal.