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Dental Implants in Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights Dental Implants Elderly man smilingIn the not-so-distant past, patients struggled with limited options for replacing missing teeth, experiencing oral discomfort, jawbone deterioration, and a diminished quality of life. Today, Dr. John Costello and Dr. Ernest Costello are happy to offer a superior, seamlessly lifelike alternative – dental implants. By replicating the entire structure of your natural tooth and integrating with the natural tissues, an implant dentist can offer patients the sturdiness and long-lasting quality they need for a better, brighter smile with dental implants. Are you a candidate for this reconstructive procedure? Patients from Arlington Heights and nearby areas can find out by contacting Costello Dental today and scheduling a complimentary consultation with our team.

The Dental Implant Process

Having dental implants successfully placed and restored is a considerable process, requiring multiple appointments and a time commitment. First, our team will need to determine whether or not you’re the right candidate for the procedure. While most patients can enjoy implants, generally good oral health and an adequate amount of jawbone density are the highest indicators of success. If these conditions aren’t met, additional procedures might be required before we can begin with your implant placement procedure.

Implants are designed to replace the “root” of your natural tooth that exists underneath the gumline; that means that we’ll need to surgically insert them into the jawbone. After this procedure, patients will undergo a period of healing – during this time, your new implant(s) will form a strong bond with your natural tissue, creating a lasting foundation for replacement teeth.

Finally, you’ll return to our Arlington Heights practice so that our doctors can design and place a custom restoration on top of the implants, completing the process. All-ceramic dental crowns are used to restore individual teeth, while implant-retained prosthetics can cover a more extensive area in a cost-effective fashion. With proper care and maintenance, dental implants can easily last 30 years, 40 years, or for the rest of the patient’s life!