Protect Your Smile This Holiday Season with These Must-Know Tips

October 24, 2023

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The holiday season is right around the corner, and it’s hard not to be excited, especially if you’re a fan of eating delicious food and spending time with those you care about. But amidst all of the seasonal festivities including luncheons, dinners, cocktail parties, tree-lighting celebrations, and more, it’s quite easy to let some things slip through the cracks—such as caring for your pearly whites! Here are some tips from your trusted dentist about how to keep your oral health in optimal shape going into the holidays this year.

Tip #1. Stay on Top of Oral Hygiene at Home

You might be excited about all of the extra downtime you’re anticipating having during the holidays—whether it’s a long break from classes or time off from work, you’ll hopefully be enjoying plenty of stress-free moments. Or maybe you’re planning to travel and enjoy your time off away from home; but regardless of your plans, you’ll want to stay on top of your oral hygiene regimen.

Find time to brush your teeth twice a day, in addition to flossing and rinsing with an antibacterial mouth rinse. These things might seem minor, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s your best defense against dental issues like cavities or gum disease. One other useful tip: if you can’t brush immediately, you might consider chewing sugar-free gum to help flush out debris and encourage your flow of saliva.

Tip #2. Stick to a Well-Balanced Diet

This might be tough to do, given the many classic treats and sweets that are widely available during the holidays, but you should try to limit your intake of sugary and starchy items in favor of healthier options. Items like pies, cakes, pastries, candies, and more are all quite festive and delicious, but they aren’t exactly great for your teeth and gums.

Similarly, be mindful of what you’re drinking—ciders, eggnog, wine, sodas, and other types of drinks all pose certain risks, but good old-fashioned water (sparkling or tap) is perfectly fine!

Tip #3. Make Time to See Your Dentist

There are probably several people that you’d love to see over the holidays—old friends, distant family members, and maybe even Santa Claus if you’re lucky! But before you’re fully booked, be sure you’re scheduling one of your biannual dental checkups. These visits allow your dentist to check your mouth for any underlying issues that threaten your smile’s beauty and wellness. They’ll also clean your teeth of any stubbornly built-up plaque and tartar, which is something you can’t do on your own at home.

A quick checkup might also prevent an unexpected dental emergency from popping up and derailing your holiday plans, so don’t hesitate to call your dentist before kicking back and enjoying time with your loved ones!

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