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A-List Smiles: Famous Faces with Dental Implants

February 29, 2024

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Celebrities with dental implants

For A-List celebrities who depend on their looks to further their careers, they’ll only want the best. In dentistry, dental implants offer the strongest support, the best aesthetics, and the ability to keep a face looking youthful. That’s a win-win-win in the age of media-driven content. So, what are the biggest names to sport dental implants? Continue reading to find out!

1. Mike Tyson

When you’re a boxer competing at the highest levels, it’s expected to have some damage to your face. Mike Tyson decided to have his missing teeth replaced with dental implants to keep his winning smile strong. Because they’re anchored in place by the jawbone, he wouldn’t need to worry about losing them again. He even had his signature gap placed back into his teeth!

2. Christie Brinkley

You would think that dental implants for a supermodel like Christie Brinkley would be a no-brainer. However, she relied on her natural smile for most of her career until she was in a helicopter accident that injured her wrist and broke two of her molars. She opted to have them replaced with dental implants for their strength and longevity.  

3. Ed Helms

Actor Ed Helms had his dental implants placed years ago, even before his cultural smash hit, The Hangover came out. In fact, in the scene where he loses a tooth, he just had his dental implant removed to create the illusion! That’s the kind of practical effect you just don’t get in movies anymore.

4. Steven Tyler

The legendary lead vocalist and guitarist for the band Aerosmith preserves his iconic smile with dental implants as well. Because they stimulate the jawbone like natural tooth roots, dental implants can help preserve bone density and keep your face looking youthful longer. At 75 years old, Steven Tyler is certainly showing what the implants are capable of!

If you’re ready to join the ranks of these A-listers with dental implants, just reach out to your dentist. The process takes a few months, but the results are well worth the investment of time and money. Just think, soon you could be smiling like a celebrity with this red carpet treatment.

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