How to Make Your Dental Checkup Go Smoothly

August 24, 2022

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If keeping your teeth and gums in excellent condition is a priority, then you are well aware of the key role your dentist plays in your oral health. No matter how diligent you are with your dental hygiene routine at home, a professional checkup and cleaning provide an unmatched level of care that you can’t replicate on your own. Dental exams may not always be simple and pleasant, but there are things you can do to elevate your odds the visit goes well. Read on for tips from your dentist in Arlington Heights to ace your dental checkup!  

Figure Out the Financial Aspect

As if dental work wasn’t already stressful for some people, the extra burden of having to worry about payment can sometimes be a lot to manage. You should review your insurance policy before visiting the dentist so you can figure out what the cost will be. Many plans and dentists also offer some flexibility when it comes to paying for your treatment. If you have the payment method figured out prior to your visit, that’s one less thing to be concerned with.

Grab Your Toothbrush & Floss Before the Appointment

It’s usually best to give your teeth a light cleaning before visiting your dentist. This reduces the number of food particles and debris on your teeth, making issues like tartar buildup easier to spot. If you’ve eaten ahead of your appointment, definitely brush or rinse before it’s time to show up.

It’s Polite to Be Punctual

Dentists are very busy people. On top of all the continuing education courses they are taking to stay current with their skills, dentists are usually swamped with their duties and responsibilities. This means their time is valuable, so if you’ve scheduled an appointment, it’s important not to make them wait. Also, showing up early for a dental checkup in Arlington Heights is one less reason you might feel anxious when you arrive.

Provide an Update on Your Status and Ask Questions

You should inform your dentist honestly about any issues you’ve been having in the weeks leading up to your appointment as well as any problems you might have while you’re in the exam chair. This makes it much easier for them to do their job. Accurate information allows your dentist to correctly assess a situation and provide you with the correct care, so be clear when providing details. If you’re experiencing dental-related anxiety, be sure to let them know so they can address your needs.

No two dental visits are exactly the same. But knowing what to expect and preparing for your appointment can contribute to a smooth experience for you and your dentist as they tend to your smile!

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At Costello & DeHart Dental Excellence, our dentists Dr. Ernie Costello and Dr. Jay DeHart lead a staff that strives to be engaged, respectful, flexible, collaborative, and receptive to constructive feedback. We know your schedule can get busy, so we offer evening and Saturday hours. Once you are prepared for your dental checkup and cleaning, we look forward to helping your smile. Schedule an appointment on our website or call (847) 259-1111.

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