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Invisalign Offered in Arlington Heights

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Once you pass your teenage years, the thought of getting braces isn’t all that appealing. But many adults are dealing with crooked or misaligned teeth -- and that raises risk of tooth decay, gum disease, even jaw pain. Plus, it’s difficult to flash your most confident smile when you aren’t so crazy about the way it looks. If you could benefit from braces but don’t want to wear metal brackets and wires for a year or more, it’s time to learn more about how Invisalign in Arlington Heights from a cosmetic dentist at Costello Dental can help enjoy all the benefits of straight, beautiful teeth.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an FDA-approved orthodontic treatment that uses clear, customized plastic aligners to gradually reposition the teeth. Each aligner focuses on shifting one part of the bite according to the overall treatment plan. It’s a small adjustment each time, but over a period of 12 to 18 months, on average, the bite is successfully realigned.

Invisalign can be used to correct most common orthodontic issues, like:

To set you up with Invisalign, your dentist will evaluate your bite and put together a personalized treatment plan. Our team will take photos, x-rays, and impressions of your oral structures, information which is sent to the Invisalign lab for the creation of your trays. You receive the entire Invisalign treatment -- all the personalized aligners -- at once. Begin treatment immediately, and simply advance to the next aligner in the series every two weeks, gradually working your way to straighter teeth and a more beautiful smile.

Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces

Compared to traditional braces, Invisalign is a breeze. Clear braces offer patients increased convenience, comfort, and privacy throughout their orthodontic treatment.

Some of the key differences between Invisalign braces and the metal variety include:

A Day In the Life With Invisalign

Living with Invisalign is not so much different that what you are already used to. You and your dentist will discuss the particulars of your case in detail before you begin with Invisalign. To advance through the Invisalign treatment without any delays, make sure you are wearing the trays for the required 20 to 22 hours every day. Remove them to eat, drink anything other than water, and before brushing and flossing. You can even feel free to remove the trays for special events or important meetings.

Before you reinsert your trays, make sure you brush your teeth and rinse the trays first. It is important for you to be especially vigilant about thorough brushing while wearing Invisalign, as any left behind food particles or bacteria can become trapped between the enamel and the plastic, accelerating the rate of decay.

Use Invisalign as directed and stay on top of your regular visits at Costello Dental Excellence, where we will check in to make sure you’re advancing through the treatment as expected. Before you know it, you’ll be finished with Invisalign -- and smiling more beautifully than ever!

Cost of Invisalign

Are you concerned about the cost of your Invisalign treatment? Are you worried you might not be making a good investment? When it comes to dental work, the financial obligation is what keeps people from pursuing treatment. However, it doesn’t have to, nor should it be that way, and with the help of our Costello Dental team, we will work to ensure you achieve a straighter smile that is not only beautiful but also affordable.

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It’s not too late to enjoy the benefits of a straight, beautiful smile. If you are interested in learning whether or not your teeth can be straightened with Invisalign, clear braces for adults and older teens, we urge you to schedule an appointment at Costello Dental. We can’t wait to help you smile your very best!